Pokemon Me Essay

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Humberto Guitron
Professor Dana Vazquez
English 101
Pokémon & Me Have you ever wondered what it would be like to venture another world? What if I told you that you could? Through the magic of what is called Pokémon. In this world, I can raise my own creatures that I catch called Pokémon to compete against another trainer’s Pokémon. I can also trade them amongst friends and collect till I have them all, make my own money, travel anywhere on my own, and even participate in a Pokémon league to become a champion. I believe in Pokémon because it has been with me since I was small and it provides me with an escape. To me Pokémon helps me feel at ease and not worry about homework assignments, work, or errands I have to run. I can just take a break, sit down, and watch as a whole world unravels before me on my console screen as I play my favorite game. When I feel bored, I can play Pokémon to kill time until I find something more productive or entertaining to do. If I’m feeling down, I can battle and trade with friends via online in the game. Point is, Pokémon has been with me for life. Of course I’ll have to return to normal life, but it’s nice to have this little getaway every once in a while. My mother is probably the one I have to thank most for my fandom for Pokémon world. She supported my interest in these little monsters ever since I was a small child. I mean, she would buy me the toys, video games, even bed comforters from the Pokémon franchise! I’d have to say it all probably started when I was around 5 years old and my mom set me in front of the TV and left it on as she prepared me something to eat. It was there that I found a little yellow electric mouse with red cheeks that would speak out “Pikachu!” as a kid, and where I knew I would be a fan for life. Pokémon even helps me make friends, some of which I still have to this day. For example, I remember when I was in the second grade of San Miguel elementary school and I met my friend Jose. He had come over to my house one day because we were assigned partners to a project. After getting our work done we would eat snacks and hangout in my room. Now, Jose didn’t have as many toys or games as I did, so I shared mine with him, including my Pokémon game. As he played the video game, he came to love it as much as I did. Eventually Jose had gotten one of his own Gameboy and Pokémon game for his birthday. We would play Pokémon together everyday afterschool since that day, we even sometimes play it every now and then. Sometimes though, people try to discourage me for still liking to play things I knew as a child, but my love for Pokémon