Game Freak: Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire

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From the opening cut scene to the Championship Battle with Steven Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire constantly brings back memories from my childhood. Game Freak did an incredible job of remaking the features everyone loved in the original Ruby and Sapphire, such as the continuous fights with Team Magma and Aqua as well as the development of Wally as your rival, while still giving it slight twists along the way to keep gamers wanting to see what else has changed, like the Delta Episode after beating the Elite Four, the new features of the PokéNav, as well as others. Without spoiling the gameplay I’ll just go ahead and say that during my journey through Omega Ruby I would have to say that it did not disappoint and is deserving of 5 stars. Other reviews will say the game is flawed with too many water types, but that barely affects the course of the game, as there are still plenty other Pokémon to use throughout the Hoenn Region. The newer aspects I found to be most interesting, especially the new additions to the PokéNav as catching all the Pokémon is easier, since you can now see when you have caught all the Pokémon on each route and which ones you have yet to catch, as long as you have seen it previously. I find myself abusing this ability as I am trying to catch them all and encourage others to take advantage.. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire also continue the legacy of the Pokémon franchise. They continue to allow the player to determine their own destiny by how many Pokémon they catch, what Pokémon they decide to catch and level up as well as the moves the user teaches their partners. The new games also continue to give gamers an interactive and interesting storyline that makes players continue to keep playing. Though I can’t tell what the future holds for Pokémon gaming the present games sure do make it seem like it is only going to get better. Now for those of you who have played most of the previous games, especially the first Ruby and Sapphire, this game is a