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Security Roles Sitting on the edge of your couch, beer in one hand, hot wing in the other, screaming at the "big man" on your favorite basketball team to get the rebound, do you ever think of the behind the scenes people that worked to prepare these players for game day? The job of a Security Director is very similar. He or she plays a vital role in the everyday functions of an organization, though their work is rarely noticed by the client. Security Directors have a variety of responsibilities, must posess a wide range of skills and characteristics, and must maintain solid relationships with a vast array of personal to execute functions. A Security Director must take on responsibilities that effect the daily structure of the organization as well as the long term functions. Daily interaction with their employees is needed to ensure all employees know their assigned duties for the day as well as any additional protocol to perform the daily functions. As a director one is responsible for reading reports and ensuring they are filled out properly and turned in within the time frame. One must continually make sure the equipment is functioning ans adequet to perform the job. The daily planning includes scheduling of employees work schedules, breaks, vacations, as well as allocate seecurity personal to best secure the premises. On a long range scale, directors must plan for events, predict outcomes to assist in strategies, and create new plans for loss prevention. Key responsibilities include organizing people, managing time, and creating an environment that will achieve the organizations objectives. Organizations would probably list lost prevention as the number one responsibility of a Security Director and his or her staff. Directors play a key role in eliminating preventable loss including those cause by criminals. Cutting equipment cost and man power are not areas companies want sacrifice, but the efficiency of the director as his staff has proven to save companies millions of dollars per year. In order to be successful as a Security Director one must possess a number of skills and characteristics. The environment can be unpredictable and fast paced. An individual must be able to think clearly, broadly, and be able to express themselves to relay the orders and direction needed to handle various situations. Security overseas many functions and much have the technical ability to use the basic functions of the organization. The skills of a director can be related to a Sales Man. One must be able to sell their idea to get not only their employees on board, but also the organization to be willing to implement the security plan presented. Coinciding one must have human relations and moral integrity to gain the organizations trust. Corporations are