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Bmcc/Pol Sci 100/Sec 025 First Paper I feel that some of the fundamental principles, ideals, institutions, and cultural traditions underlying the American political system contains a number of core ideals and values. Everyone will not have the same views on the ideals and values but the majority of people subscribe to these Ideals such as liberty, equality, democracy, independence, and even individualism. The American political system has pros and cons to it, such circumstances like Federalism in early America which was a pro at that time, but it also prevented an establishment of a national policy. Who were the minority of early America? or the limitations in the government, even the ties that capitalism had to liberalism in early
The early stages of the American political system involved some messing with because of all the problems that it was causing such as a direct democracy government which was one of the fundamental principles which allowed the states to manage their own policies and initiatives into effect and what the consequences would be if they were not followed. The government at the time could not involve itself which was a problem for the states that had big populations, as it stated in Federalist Paper 10, “the smaller the society, the fewer probably will be the distant parties and interests composing it”. Factinist were attracted to this kind of government because they knew it would be easier to obtain what they wanted, such as getting rid of liberty and equality and to cause a source of chaos for government groups. It was stated that a direct democracy would be able to tame these fascists but it could never actually bring fascism to a stop because we will always have groups of people who have there own opinions and beliefs on how the that nation is being ran. Madison proposed ideas to throw off the factist like “destroying liberty, which would work because "liberty is to faction what air is to fire". but it is impossible to perform because liberty is essential to political life. After all, Americans fought for it during the American
Revolution” as he stated in Federalist Paper 10, which he felt would control their

effects. There were also problems with a direct democracy because they favored rules to the majority at the time, which were the wealthy that probably had government officials in their back pocket. Madison believed that a central government would be better for the country because there would be more stability in the control of powers, popular governments of direct democracy would be apart of the central government, and a better chance of having the same liberties.
Some of the ideals the political system in America involved liberalism, equality, and the Constitution. Liberty to the people meant there right to act on free will whenever they wanted, but if we were able to exercise our free will whenever we felt that would cause anarchy, this is why there is a limited government to control one’s exercise of that free will to maintain a stable society as it stated in
Federalist Paper 51. Even with the governments control people still found other ways to exercise their liberty such as becoming the “making it”, “Materialism”, or even “Isolation & Privatism” kind of person as it stated in Greenberg's chapter
3. Equality was not so different among the people during that time as Tocqueville states in his book “Democracy in America” chapter 6 that the wealthy was