Poland: Poland and Carpathian Mountains Essay

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Poland’s in north-central Europe. Most of the country is a plain with no natural boundaries except the Carpathian Mountains in the south and the Oder and Neisse rivers in the west. Other major rivers, which are important to commerce, are the Vistula, Warta, and Bug. Their government is republic. Poland is the heart of Central Europe. The country has 7 neighbors. The border with Lithuania and Russia runs in the north, Belarus and Ukraine in the east, Germany in the west. Southern neighbors of Poland are the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Baltic Sea in the north is a border of Poland and Sweden. Poland has an easy access to Scandinavian and North Sea ports. Southern borders are marked by the Sudeten Mountains and the Carpathian Mountains. The Odra and the Nyssa rivers in the west are the natural borders between Poland and Germany and Poland and the Czech Republic. The border with Belarus is set along the Bug River in the east.

Poland became independent in 11 November 1918 (republic proclaimed); notable earlier dates: A.D. 966 (adoption of Christianity, traditional founding date), 1 July 1569 (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth created)

The capital city is Warsaw there people consist of Polish 96.7%, German 1.3%, Ukrainian 0.6%, Byelorussian 0.5%.
Their language is Polish the religion there are Roman Catholic (95%), Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, and Other (1.5%) their Currency is Polish złoty = 0.32 US Dollar.
The biggest political parties in Poland are: The Civic Platform (PO) The Law and Justice Party (PiS) The Polish Peasants' Party (PSL) Palikot's Movement (RPP) and The Democratic Left Alliance (SLD)

Their flag contain of two equal horizontal bands of white (top)