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Poles to the UK
Impacts to Poland:
A large population of economic active has left Poland. Some of those people have skills and entrepreneurial talents. This then has caused shortage of labour in Poland and leads to a slow economic development. As a lot of young people have left, this leads to ageing population, which puts more pressure on the government public services. As more working force has left, the tax that the polish government gains would decrease. Also, some migrants came to UK alone and have separated from their families. It is depressing for the families.

There are also some benefits as well. Even the wages that polish people were paid are lower than British’s wages; they are still getting paid 4 times more than in Poland. Therefore they can send remittances home and much of this money can be reinvested in the home economy in projects such as new buildings and services. There would also be less pressure on resources in Poland and also reduced number in unemployment.

Impacts on UK:
Before migrants from Poland arrived in UK, a lot of desirable jobs were short of labour and facing the problem of closing down, for example stone mason, working in the farms, etc. Polish migrants are willing to do any jobs and they are always enthusiastic about their jobs. Some of the migrants are also very skilled and highly educated, UK companies can employ them at a lower cost, therefore reduces firms’ cost of productions. In addition, workers also pay taxes, so the British