Police and Community Policing Essay

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Citizens taking Charge
Sharon D. Caudle
Everest University
When it comes to policing within the community, it’s a strategy that was made so that the citizens can have a good standing with police officers and in the community. Community Policing is a collaboration between the citizens and the police that help with identifying criminal activity in and around the neighborhood and gets the citizens involved with all of the elements that are in the community and it also helps with finding any solutions. We have to ask ourselves do community policing have the outcome and expectations that we are looking for.

Citizens taking Charge
When this type of service came into play with the police it was a belief that the people deserve input about helping with the policing process. Community policing has becomes a new police trend, and the citizens love being able to do it, but when it comes to the traditional policing its less expensive and it also takes less time to partake when its compared to community policing. Community Policing is a new type of crime fighting that involve citizens and police, it’s based on the concept that police and citizens should be working together in ways that can help solve crimes in the community that are related to crime, and also to help with fear of crimes going on, also when it comes to disorder, and helping with keeping the community up to par.
This type of change has a belief that getting all police departments involved in a relationship with the people who abide the laws in their community, giving them more say so when it comes to important events that involve the police officers and getting them more involved with all of the efforts of improving the quality in their area where they live. It puts the out there to