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Factory MeltdownUnknown Author2013-02-24T13:32:28.67Mention the deaths in the headline.

A sudden chemical explosion let out lethal gases and ignited huge fires all over the Westbury Chemical Plant, 108 dead. Unknown Author2013-02-24T13:33:15.34Put the idea of the deaths first.
Many people were killed when a sudden chemical ...

The Westbury police department say this explosion killed 108 workeUnknown Author2013-02-24T13:37:33.42This paragraph can be joined with the above paragraph as it is part of the lead. rs, injured Unknown Author2013-02-24T13:34:54.70Write out numbers that consist of less that three words.
200, and left 50 workers now sightless from the chemicals that burned them.

This meltdown occurred June,26 Monday evening around 1:30pm till 5:30pm Unknown Author2013-02-24T13:36:25.89This quotation needs to be lower in the report as it is not as important as what caused the blast.
,Ron Jonson says “When I was in there it felt like days trying to escape.”

Studies were made and the Police Detective Micky McFinagin believes this chemical explosion happened because of a from the lack of hazardous material training and eUnknown Author2013-02-24T13:41:58.76Explain about the equipment. quipment, Unknown Author2013-02-24T13:39:23.66This information needs to be higher up. they also say the fire started from one of the workers dropping a full metal tank of flammable gases which created the spark to ignite the leaked gases.

Police Officer Ronald McDUnknown Author2013-02-24T13:42:45.83This quote would be better coming from Micky. onald says, “This disaster will not be forgottenUnknown…