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Stephan marquardt
Intro to Criminal Justice
Career Exploration Paper

My goal is to become a police officer so I can protect and serve the public, while putting criminals where they belong, behind bars. I want this career because as mentioned above, I get to protect the innocent and arrest the wicked. It would be a dangerous but rewarding career. The danger of being a police officer is the risk of being shot at by criminals that do not like the police. Helping people is rewarding because people will look up to you because you help settle domestic disputes, keeping intoxicated drivers off the road so that they don’t kill anyone, including themselves in a car accident. Also, they help to keep drugs off the streets, so that the young men and women do not become drug addicts and eventually get in trouble with the law. It’s about protecting the people that don’t’ think they can protect themselves, like young women who demoralize themselves by selling themselves for money so that they can survive in this very unstable economy. It’s sad that some women have to do this to take care of not just themselves, but a child as well. It’s just wrong that women have to do that because some dumbass gets her pregnant, but when the child comes along, the bolt out of there like the flash speeding around the world. All new officers go through the same field training program, regardless of previous experience. First is mostly observation of the trainee, secondly the new officer begins to do much of the work themselves. Thirdly the officer is doing all the work himself. All documented training must be complete by the end of the third step. Fourthly the last step is usually called shadowing. The new officer does all the work and the training officer…