Police And Law Enforcement Response Essay

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Police and Law Enforcement Response
Donald Villalobos
Jaimy Gaines
CJS 200

Police are the law on the streets. The role of the police force is to make sure that as a community we are safe and we can live our everyday lives without having to worry about the chaos of criminal activity. Police are responsible for ensuring the safety and well being of the public, enforcing the laws that our government has put in place for us, and picking up those citizens who choose to violate and break the law. The police have a stressful role as it is. There are not ever enough police officers to be all the places they need to be. If their role was lessened there would be more property crimes and communities would be less safe. There presences alone driving down the streets makes people think twice about climbing through someone’s window and robbing them of their valuables. The small role that law enforcement plays is a big one in a sense of presence and the element of surprise. Police are faced with many obstacles on a daily basis. Interrogating a potential offender and finding reason to proceed with an arrest or citation is one of them. Probable cause is a tricky situation. A potential offender may feel that their rights are being violated when an officer decides that he has the “probable cause” to go through their personal property. This may cause a legal uproar due to the fact that the potential offender may feel that his rights are being violated…