Police and New Jersey Essay

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History of New Jersey
New Jersey State Police The New Jersey State Police has a lot of history behind it. The State Police has done many good things for the state of New Jersey but still there has been a lot of controversy due to accusations of them not hiring minorities and also pulling people over based on their race or ethnicity. These are obstacles that the State Police have had to confront throughout the years, but overall the State Police was created to help serve and protect the communities of New Jersey. There are many reasons why I want to become a Police Officer and one of them is because I want to help solve crimes. To begin with, in the beginning of the 20th century New Jersey was having a hard time finding sufficient protection for inhabitants who lived in rural areas. There wasn’t much of an effort put into this issue at first and it was overwhelming for NJ because this service all depended on county sheriffs and his constables and more often not this burden was too much for the local sheriffs. Legislation for the creation of the New Jersey State Police came in 1914 but it was not until March 29, 1921 that the State Police Bill was passed, stating that a Statewide Police force was intact. The man who passed the bill was Senator Clarence I. Case who was nicknamed the “Father of the State Police”. NJ would hire Norman Schwarzkopf, Sr. as their first superintendent of the New Jersey State Police who would have the biggest impact on the first State Troopers. Schwarzkopf was a graduate of the military academy West Point and his style of training of the first State Troopers was heavily influenced by his time at West Point. In fact, the motto of the State Police was taken on from West Point Academy’s motto. The State Troopers motto which you can on the uniform says “Honor, Duty, Fidelity” and West Point’s was “Duty, Honor, Country". Also the father of superintendent Schwarzkopf was jeweler Julius George Schwarzkopf who was responsible for designing the State Troopers badge. The badge is a triangle and each point represents a part of their motto. Furthermore, The State Troopers Academy is considered by many to be the toughest one of all police Academy’s in New Jersey. Their curriculum requires their recruits to stay at their facility from Monday to Friday. Not only does the academy challenge you physically but mentally