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The Stare that Put Everything in Perspective In one of the last scenes of the movie Fruitvale Station directed by Ryan Coogler Oscar Grant (Michael B. Jordan) is killed by a police officer. Oscar and his girlfriend were going put to have fun in San Francisco with a lot of their friends. They had a really fun time and were on their way back home. They took the train too and from so they could drink and on the ride back Oscar was talking to a girl he had previously met in the movie. When she yelled out his name a previous inmate that had beef with Oscar looked and saw who it was. Oscar tried not to fight the man but he was punched in the face and had no choice. The train was stopped because of the scuffle and the police were called. When the police came they picked out only the Oscar and his friends from the crowd because they were black. They argued and said they weren’t doing anything and the discussion was getting heated. Oscar tried to calm everyone down but the police ended up getting him to the ground and eventually one of the police officers shot him in the back, which eventually would kill him. When Oscar was shot he kept on saying, “I have a daughter. I have a daughter.” When officer Bart looked him in the face you could see all the emotions in his eyes. One of the most important scenes of the Ryan Coogler’s movie Fruitvale Station is when Oscar Grant is shot. This scene shows the unique connection between Bart has with Oscar in the final minutes of his life. Officer Bart and Oscar locked eyes, Bart was kneeling over him there for definitely having representing he had the power yet when you were looking from Oscar’s…