Police and Racism Essays

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Mikky Shea
Current events-response to Ferguson

Contrary to popular belief, racism started way before slavery did and it still very much exists today. Some people might view this just as a “strong liberal hippie piece of trash opinion who doesn’t know anything about the world,” well those people underestimate just how much of the world the aforementioned “liberal hippie” has actually seen and understood. Racism is still very much alive today. While some areas of the Ferguson case might be gray and blurry, the main issue is still there. Not every issue in this country is about racism, there isn’t a trace of doubt in this mind that parts of this were very much about racism. People in Ferguson have been dealing with years and years of things like this happening, years of severe racism and brutality from their police forces and this was simply the first to be covered nationwide. It simply caught the attention of, well, everyone. While racism is still a huge problem, I think we have to first solve police brutality and abuse of police power because that is sadly an issue. Looking at the facts-Ferguson, what happened with the little boy, what happened with the illegal choking and the fact that all these police officers have been left to walk away free of charge with no consequences are all just proof that police brutality is a thing and part of the answer to solving racism is solving the issue of police brutality. How can someone teach their kids about equality when