Police Brutality David Williamson

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THE REMOVALISTS – David Williamson

Violence/power – was linguistic, psychological and physical through the establishment of roles and positions (Simmonds larger than life character and always standing with Ross sitting) and through movement (Kenny’s final bashing)
Police brutality – an issue which was related to the context at the time. Irony “I know how hard I hit a man”

Successful tension is created and shared to the audience
The death of Kenny creates tension on stage and is felt by the audience. This brings them into the world and understand it is their shared problem as well as they feel a part of it. Once he awakens, the tension is relaxed – hence tension is being controlled and manipulated by Williamson. Once he dies again, a greater tension is felt compared to the last, finishing it off for the audience. This highlights the impact the decisions Simmonds and Ross makes and shows the social problems at the time.
Nothing is done about the beatings – audience and Ross
Realistic beatings accompanied with natural speech shocks the audience – this represents who they are and it is so ugly.
The Removalists uses movement and actions to show the results of the social condition in the final scene where Ross and Simmonds partake in a “frenzied ritual of exorcism”. The audience understand what Simmonds’ decisions and violent behaviour has finally led to – the death of Kenny

Enhances dramatic meaning -> make them learn about themselves.