Police Brutality Research Paper

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In today’s world, racism remains an issue in our daily life and it manifests of itself everywhere and with almost everyone. In today’s society, allegations of the use of excessive force by U.S. police departments have continued to generate headlines for more than two decades, after the 1992 Los Angeles riots brought the issue to mass media attention. Unfortunately, African Americans have become the most popular victims of police brutality in the United States. Recently, Professor Jesse Fox and Kari A. O’Grady, visited the Harriet Wilkes Honors College to discuss a research they have conducted on the Michael Brown shooting, with a fellow student by the name of Amanda, who is currently completing her dissertation based on police brutality as a racial issue. Amanda explained that, police brutality is a racial issue that needs to be solved. Police have subjected minorities to apparently discriminatory treatment and have physically abused minorities while using racial epithets. Mistreatment may be non-violent harassment and humiliation, such as allegations of racial profiling, in which drivers are temporarily detained often for driving in certain areas or for driving certain types of …show more content…
The Jim Crow laws were considered a norm to Caucasians, which influenced white supremacy. These laws have influenced the lives of most Caucasians in today’s society, although there has been improvement. Many Caucasians of Christian belief, have continued to practice the rituals and morals of the KKK. To conclude this paper, the etiquettes of Jim Crow were based on the beliefs of segregation, disenfranchisement, white supremacy, and inequality portrayed towards African-Americans. Jim Crow was based on color not status. On the other hand, the etiquettes of Jim Crow provided African-Americans an opportunity to fight for their rights and to restructure any dismissive perception which was associated with