Essay on Police Culture

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The police culture is unlike any other culture. When doing police work you only have yourself and your partner to have your back. The police culture sees themselves as a thin blue line between anarchy and order in society. Police officers sees the worst out of the human race. They deal with this every day. Officers see hostility from the public sometimes directed at them. Some people group all police officers together because of the badge and the gun. This way of thinking can cause the “us against them way of thinking.” The dangers of the job shapes the foundation of police subculture. The hostility from the public encourages the police to have group solidarity. The officers have secrecy between themselves. This serves as a shield against the attacks from the outside world. The police also have a code of silence or also called the blue wall of silence. This is a silence of officers testifying against other officers. The officers believe if you report on other officers you are a rat and can’t be trusted. If you break this rule it can end your career in police work.

The amount of stress involved with police work is unlike most careers. The police officers are the first responders to most accidents and incidents. The officers face an unrelenting barrage of crises with little to no time to recover from the trauma. Stress triggers a fight or flight response in your body. The adrenaline rush causes police to be hypervigilance and have a constant awareness which helps protect them on the job. Over time the continually triggered stress can initiate a hormonal imbalance in the body. The officer may become adrenaline rush addicted. Stress takes a physical and mental toll on the body. Some of the health issues are cancer, and heart disease. The…