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The Consequences of My Act I was pulled over due to a “failure to signal in time”. The officer claims I did not signal within a 100 feet before I went into the lane to turn. Also, I had my litter brother in the car and I still am under provisional license. However, I was taking him to my father’s store to work because there was no other adequate way for him to get there because my father and mother both work there and was working there at the same time. During the first 12 months of your provisional license, you cannot drive with a passenger under 20 years old, but you can transport an immediate family member IF there is a necessity and reasonable transportation facilities are inadequate and operation of a vehicle by the provisional licensee is necessary to transport the licensee or an immediate family member. The licensee must possess a signed statement from a parent or guardian verifying the necessity and stating a date when that necessity will end (Veh C 12814.6.). I had a note with me and my dad actually spoke to the officer so I do not understand why I was even cited for that. As I recall that day and time, I am careful when I signal and I asked my brother when I signaled and he said I did signal before I turned. I believe that when I first signaled, it didn’t stay on until I put it back on and that is when he noticed I signaled. Also the time of day was bright and sunny and it was the end of the month. The effect on the community in regards to school and neighbors leaves me to believe I am in a safe area with strong principles. I use to live in Bonita, California, near Chula Vista about 5years ago and the lifestyles between the two cities are incredibly different. I value the expectations and safety in Poway as much as parents do. My family has geared me in the right direction and has a major effect on my life. From all my stress and difficulties I have gone through, my family has always been there. My two year niece has become my life and joy and she influences me to become someone who is respectable and loving. My close friends are amazing and I learn from everyday. I notice a lot of troublesome classmates and it helps me realize what I want from my life and I vow to live above the influence. After the death of my dear friend, Veronica, I have learned the ultimate cause of how disastrous…