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Police Department roles and Functions


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History of Police

The history of policing started with the English colonist bringing the criminal justice system to the United States as part of their heritage, they also believe in high value placed on individual rights, in court systems and forms of punishment, also different law enforcement agencies. These grew and advance over to London by 1829. An important political leader in England his name Robert Peel, he was fighting to improve the law enforcement his country. By the near 1780’s London fell into a depression state witch lead to crime, disorder and poverty, Peel was given a chance and made the vary first London Metropolitan Police. Robert Peel was “born on 5 February 1788 in Bury, Lancashire he came form a wealthy family that owned there owned there own cotton mill”. His early political career included secretary for war and colonies 1809 and chief secretary for Ireland 1812. Not only a important political figure he became a person who had wanted change for law enforcement. Not only did he create the first London Metropolitan Police and he made strategies that will fit the organizational structure of police. Peel’s one objective was crime prevention. The strategy was implementing and maintaining a visible police presence all through the community this presence was intended to show that there was protection for the neighborhood. Robert was man who set the standard for policing today with his knowledge and passion for improving life, safety, obeying by law. The government and policing organizations association is where the policing organizations have policy and course of action set by the government they have to follow in categorize to run an organized system. The government impacts the policing organization because they have to follow the rules and laws for it to run an organization. The only exceptions to this rule or guidelines are the small organizations, which have a much simpler organizational format. The two main organizations of law enforcement in the United States are Federal and State. The Federal Level includes organizations like the FBI, Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “The FBI for example pursues criminals who have or are likely to cross state and country boundaries”. Things started to change in the beginning of the 20th century, things began to get more modern and new organizations started to be created. The organizations that began to be created were complex. Since, there was a new complex organization that would mean that there would have to be new policing management; for it to cope with the new system. The new system of organization was being borrowed by business administration which