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In 1829, Sir Robert Peel created the Police force when he served as Home Secretary of England, according to the StudyMode.com. He created the first modern police force, the Metropolitan Police in London. According to Peel, the real key for policing is "the police are the people and the people are the police. Sir Robert Peel and his policing efforts have lasted throughout times, trials, and many difficulties. In Sir Roberts Peel’s last years he devoted his time developing a force that would provide safety and service to all citizens throughout the world. Sir Robert Peel also believed that in order for crime prevention to work and be successful the key to that success was to keep crime from being intrusive to its communities and to its people. Sir Peel created nine elements and used these elements to revolve around community policing efforts. In the nine elements he included extensive training in problem solving, facilitation, community organization, mediation, and conflict resolution. According to Sir Peel, “the basic principle in prevention is controlling crime and disorder”. A successful component is through community policing. The Metropolitan Police and its one thousand members would be the first to follow these principles and be known as “Bobbie’s”, they were recognized by their uniforms which consisted of a blue coat and top hat they did not carry any weapons, their job descriptions were to reduce tension and conflict. In today’s policing there is a big change, we carry guns and weapons to help out with the criminals. Today we have many different police organizations; we have two main levels of police the government and state police. Under these two main police forces are many different organizations; here are a few of the organizations and what they cover, the FBI for example
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pursues criminals who have or are likely to cross state and country boundaries. The DEA enforces laws on substances that have a tax ban on them. These two from of police are considered federal agencies. Now, under the state level we have three main ones, State Trooper, County Sheriff and Local/City Police. These agencies deal inside the state, state highways and the state’s prison and jails. We also have many agencies that are helping out in the US, some like the Homeland Security, CIA, and a lot of smaller agencies that work under the state and federal departments. At the end they all try to work together but there is too much crime for the organizations to handle, so they try to do the best they can here in the US to keep crime to a minimum. They also deal with crime out of the US and that also causes a lot of delay in the US and it takes lots of money from us to fund these outside agencies. Sometimes is very hard for all the organizations to be on the same page because there is just too much chaos going on at one time. According to Silva Kari from the studymode.com, she said, the main thing they