Police Influence on Society Essay

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Police Influence on Society

Historically, this nation of the United States has proven many times over its dominance over those who are different to those in power. The United States has proven time and again that it can and will discriminate against others it considers less than equal. This is proven and demonstrated to all U. S citizens and those who are not, in our history books throughout school. Every year affording student’s new information of how the United States demonstrates its power over those that are different. From the demise of many Native American tribes; the internment of Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor; the discrimination and segregation of African
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Discrimination is not based solely on a different culture; race, etc. but rather the negative aspects endured by the American public by a few anti-social individuals that bring disgrace upon a certain group. The events occurring on September 11th were not the actions of all Arabs or Muslims, but rather of a few and because of them all that resemble those who attacked have become the target of discrimination. Because of the actions of certain individuals, the groups that they belong to or are associated with tend to be at the receiving end of discrimination to the point that law enforcement finds it necessary to profile in order to perform their duties (Bass, 2001). Policing in the United States reflects discriminatory actions much like many other countries. The race or ethnic background in American history, when it refers to discrimination is not relative because discrimination is not limited to certain groups. Discrimination is an act that affects those that are different from the dominant population. Law enforcement discriminates not because someone is from a different race or because a race or ethnic group commits a certain amount or types of crime. Discrimination in its purest form is simply “White America” unwilling to accept difference and those with “national identity” forgetting their own history.

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