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I identified 3 major themes that emerged in my reading of the third and fourth evaluations. The three themes are progress, vibe, and skill set. In the theme progress my peers talked about how I have improved growth and started to give more input towards the group. Also stating that the vibe I bring to the group is positive, humorous, and my presence is enjoyable. They also talk about my work ethic and how I can help complete the assignments work done. My peer evaluations focus mainly on how I started off slow but once I became more comfortable with everyone in my group I really opened up and started to give more vocal input. Peer evaluation number 4 my group member Amy said “Thomas has grown so much over the quarter, making more and more of an effort every week to join in discussions and be an active part of group work. He is doing a great job, comes prepared to class and actively tries to help the group to get tasks done.” While reading what my peers had to say about me I would have to agree 100 percent. In the beginning of the term I didn’t really open up and give them my full participation, but as we became closer and started to know each other better are group started to become great working with each other. The first and second peer reviews are somewhat different than three and four. Peer evaluations number one and two are concentrating on how I could have been more assertive and take charge in the group from time to time. Peer evaluations three and four talk about how I finally start to take charge in the group and help out more.
Since the midpoint of class I have learned how to be a better group member and more about the criminal system overall. From working in groups in every class I learned the importance of teamwork in the class room. When I usually worked in groups everyone just did what there were assigned to and we turned the work in, but in my group we all worked together and would