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Police Probe New Hampshire Pumpkin Fest Melee
POLS 1101
MWF 11am – 11:50am
October 21, 2014
Police Probe New Hampshire Pumpkin Fest Melee In New Hampshire, Keene’s annual Pumpkin Festival which tries to set world records with uniquely carved pumpkins, or lighted jack-o-lanterns, was disrupted over the weekend. Locals, outsiders, and local college students are said to be the blame. It is reported that several properties were damaged, a car overturned, along with several individuals being injured. Several arrest were made (ABC News, 2014). College students that did not commit criminal activity are being referred to their schools. It is said the parties that where held at Keene State College just happened to coincide with the festival. Outsiders were drawn to the activity due to social media sites, which only contributed to the problem. People threw empty beer bottles and cans along with hurling billiard balls, rocks, and liquor bottles. Police shields were smashed. The potential was there for even greater harm (ABC News, 2014). Police donned riot gear, used tear gas, and pepper balls just to control the crowds. The afternoon crowds reached to 2000. Over the weekend a reported 84 arrest were made. These included multiple felony charges, along with first and second degree assault. Several calls were reported being made to the police office. A group of young people threatened an elderly man, and a resident overheard someone “threatening to…