Police Providing a Service to Football Clubs Essay

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We Vexhill Constabulary are claiming £100,000 for special services provided as per request, Vexhill are refusing to pay.

There is already an existing contract between the football club and police as they provide a service for previous home games. The club raised a concern about disturbances so contacted the police and asked for additional security. By making this initial OFFER, it began to form the basis of a legally binding contract. After initial investigation we then agreed to send in additional services, therefor ACCEPTING the offer.

Both parties entered into a LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT. A OFFER plus ACCEPTANCE equals a CONTRACT.

This contact is a UNILATERAL CONTRACT, to determine this, by our action of sending in special services created and binded the contract. At NO point were our services turned away, rejected or informed that they no longer required these. Even if they had turned away our services half way through a season, under the unilateral contract we would be entitled to bill for the service they had received so far. Which at no point did this happen.

CONSIDERATION, by providing the additional services and sending our bill it’s clear that both parties are receiving a benefit.
This case can be classed as a CONTRACT IMPLIED IN FACT, example would be that you get in a taxi and ask the driver to take to the train station, he takes you there so you therefore pay the fare, although nothing was promised at the start of the journey
Section 25(1) of the Police Act 1996 states that “The chief officer of a police force may provide, at the request of any person, special police services at any premises or in any locality in the police area for which the force is maintained, subject to the payment to the police of charges on such scales as may be determined by that authority.”
Vexhill requested additional services for home games, they requested this service. So under s25 of the Police Act 1996, they are subject to payment of charges as determined by the police authority.

Special police services generally relate to policing an event, e.g. a pop concert, or series of events, e.g. football matches.

Costing’s include:
5 Horsed Police
5 Riot Police
5 Police inside the ground
5 Police outside the ground

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