Police Should Wear Body Cameras Essay

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Police should wear body cameras
Do you think police should wear body cameras because I do. The reason that I think police should wear body cameras is because have you seen all the deaths that they have charged on police officers. So many police have been arrested because a kid would act like they are going to pull out a gun and police have no idea so they just do self-defense and shoot the person. Then the parents get all mad because there kid is dead but the jury didn’t get to see a video so they don’t know the truth but if they wear body cameras police will show proof. The ways that body cameras will help is they help prevent violence, accountability, and human side of policing.
The first reason that I think police should pass the law for body cameras is because” Four Cleveland police officers jobs were saved by body camera footage”. Also they found that the officers wearing the cameras had 87.5 percent fewer incidents of use of force and 59 percent fewer complaints than the officers not wearing the cameras. Lastly when police have been wearing body cameras people have behaved better.
The second reason why police should wear body cameras is because both police and respondents are
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Sitting in a station house or patrol car shooting the breeze getting to know each other as humans, discussing precinct politics. We have some sympathy for police on this. Also Since August more than 150,000 people have signed a petition on the White House’s website urging that all state county and local police be required to wear a camera. So far early results have been encouraging. The other thing that body cameras help is evidence with Countless domestic violence cases get dismissed because victims often recant or are reluctant to cooperate with police. They also make police stay