Police Technology

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Police Technology
CJA 214
October 9, 2010

Police Technology
Police officers use a wide range of technology to protect individuals. Technology also makes it easier to identify the perpetrators of the crime committed. With modern day technology law enforcement can ensure a successful prosecution against those who break the law. Catching criminals is not easy work and if technology is helping law enforcement and the community more efficient and aware of the dangers in the city, town, or world why become upset about the technology officers have. If people would take the time to understand the devices used by officer’s maybe they would not feel so threatened by the officer and their equipment. Most police forces try to obtain the
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This system is called the “The Real Time Crime Center. It was set up in 2005 the system merged all NYPD’s data they already had on crime in their system names, past crimes, addresses, and identifying features making it automatically available to access through a 24-hour manned IT center (How does technology help the police, 2009). This gives criminals less time to escape.
In the UK police have a new radio system that helps them communicate effectively. The device is called an airwave; it has an emergency button on each phone which can be pressed by an officer in trouble (How does technology help the police, 2009). It is clearer and more secure and is compatible with mobile applications. Local, national, and emergency services can also share airwave between each other. California should invest in airwave so law enforcement agents can feel safer on the job. Especially when faced with a terrorist attack or maybe even a riot. I feel that this device would have benefited the four officers that were shot while having coffee in a breakfast dinner in browed daylight.
Another great piece of technology is the pepper spray. It is simple and easy to use. The spray is made to make people cry literally (Foster, 2009). It also stops breathing for a moment and causes temporary blindness. Most women carry pepper spray but the pepper spray sold in stores is not nearly as strong as the pepper spray law enforcement uses. Not only is an officer’s spray more potent but it also