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Product Information Packet

. © 2008, Stanard & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved

. © 2008, Stanard & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved

The entry-level selection instrument of choice for law enforcement agencies for over a decade
The POST is designed to measure basic skills – reading, writing and arithmetic – that are important for successfully learning and performing an entry-level, law enforcement position. The POST can help your department select the most qualified applicants cost effectively, eliminating the time and expense involved in interviewing, screening and training candidates who lack fundamental skills for the job.

Why Choose the POST?
Shown to predict law enforcement training success and job performance Backed by extensive research and current validation studies Purchased by over 1,000 agencies nationwide Used in every state in the continental U.S., as well as Canada Distributed through 24 State Police Chief Associations

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Components of the POST
The POST is a timed test divided into four sections. The time allotment for each section is only imposed for administrative efficiency. The times are designed to allow the vast majority of applicants (at least 90%) to complete all of the items within the section. In each of the sections, the questions are presented in a law enforcement context, but applicants do not need any previous knowledge of law enforcement to answer the questions correctly.

POST Section Arithmetic

Description This section measures a person’s ability to add, subtract, multiply, divide, determine percentages and calculate averages. This section measures a person’s ability to understand written words and the ideas associated with them. This section measures a person’s ability to spell and use grammar and punctuation correctly. This section measures a person’s ability to write complete sentences with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Number of Items 20

Minutes Allotted 20

Reading Comprehension






Incident Report Writing





1 hour, 15 minutes

The POST may be scored by Stanard & Associates or purchased in a convenient self-score version that allows departments to score the POST on-site. The POST is available in alternate forms, enabling departments to administer different forms across multiple administrations. An administration guide and applicant study guide are also available to facilitate the testing process.

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Section Descriptions and Sample Test Items
SECTION 1: ARITHMETIC Description This section of the test consists of 20 questions which require the use of basic arithmetic. The questions are based on information in a table or in a word problem. Calculators are not allowed and scratch paper is provided for performing calculations. Sample Questions QTY DESCRIPTION SERIAL NUMBER 1 1 1 1 1. Computer Printer Camera Cell Phone 1452101 1670-E 546223-S01 45687540 VALUE $ 1,549.95 $ $ $ 150.00 120.00 149.95

What is the combined value of all the stolen property listed in the table above? A. B. C. D. $ 1,969.90 $ 1,996.90 $ 2,069.90 $ 2,096.90


A car was traveling 55 miles per hour in a 25 mph zone. If the driver is fined $10.00 for each mile per hour over the speed limit, what is the amount of the fine? A. B. C. D. $ 25.00 $ 55.00 $ 250.00 $ 300.00

In Question 1, the correct answer is A, because 1,549.95 + 150 + 120 + 149.95 = 1,969.90. In Question 2, the correct answer is D, because the driver was traveling 30 miles over the speed limit (55 – 25 = 30), and 30 x $10 = $300.00.

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SECTION 2: READING COMPREHENSION Description This section of the POST consists of a number of short paragraphs followed by questions.