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User Policy for Sacramento City College LRC
The Sacramento City College Learning Resource Center (LRC) exists to support the academic goals, cultural pursuits and personal development of students, faculty and staff. Additionally, in keeping with the community college philosophy, the LRC is committed to serving, as much as possible within the constraints of its primary mission, the neighboring community.
The LRC consists of several departments, including Instructional Media/Academic Computing located on the first floor of the LRC building and in Business Building, room B 152 (available solely to Los Rios students); Distance Education, Instructional Development, Learning Skills &
Tutoring Center and the Writing Center also located on the first floor; and the Library, which is located on the second and third floors of the LRC building.
This user policy has been created to further the mission of the LRC and ensure that the resources of the LRC are accessible to all of our patrons.
I. Computer Use Policy:
The primary reason for Internet access in the Learning Resource Center is to provide information resources to support and enhance student academic success. Use of the computers in the LRC is a privilege, not a right. The mission of the LRC is to provide an atmosphere conducive to constructive learning, academic freedom and proper asset management. In order to meet this objective, each user is responsible for use of the electronic resources in an effective, efficient, ethical and lawful manner.
I.1 Who May Use?
I.1.a Academic Computing Labs:
The Academic Computing Labs on the first floor of the LRC (LR 144) and in the Business
Building (B 152) are available to SCC and other Los Rios students for academic purposes only.
Students are required to meet current enrollment criteria to use these labs.
By using the computer labs in LR 144 and B 152, users are acknowledging and agreeing to video, audio and other electronic monitoring and recording of their activities in the lab and on the computer. They are also acknowledging that all computers in these labs may be managed by remote control.
Although there is no time limit on how long users may stay at a computer station, users should not leave their stations unattended for more than 10 minutes. If a user leaves a station unattended for more than 10 minutes, the on-duty lab personnel have the right to log out their station and make it available for the next user waiting in line. Any unattended belongings will be treated as lost and found items.
Users are also required to obey all posted Sacramento City College Lab signs.

Revised January 2012

I.1.b Library Computers
The computers on the second floor are available on a first-come, first-serve basis to SCC students, faculty, and staff. Priority will be given to SCC students, faculty and staff engaged in research or academic activities. In times of low use, community users may request a guest pass on the second floor of the LRC.
The four computers on the third floor are provided for students to access the library catalog
(LOIS) only. There is no Internet access on these computers.
I.1.c. Computers For Persons With Disabilities
Dedicated computer stations for the exclusive use of people with disabilities are provided in LR
144, B 152, and on the second floor of the library. The stations in LR144 and B152 are available to currently enrolled SCC students for academic purposes only, and the stations on the second floor of the library are available to SCC students, staff, and community users.
Priority at these stations is given to users with disabilities in this order of priority:
1. Those that require the specialized software or hardware for academic purposes;
2. Those that require the specialized software or hardware for nonacademic activities;
3. Those that do not require the specialized software or hardware.
I.2 Internet and its Contents
As a worldwide network of computer networks, the…