Policing Functions Paper

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Individual Policing Functions Paper
The police departments have come a long way from the way they were many years ago. The police have changed for the better but there is still room for improvement. In policing today there are a lot more officers, detectives, and other law enforcement officials accounted for then there was in the past years. When we have all of these people in the criminal system, it has made the government to be able to provide better protection for the people in the communities. Policing in the past and in the present there are many different outlooks of how the policing functions.. These functions stem from different levels of law enforcement which includes the local, state, and federal organizational levels. These
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All there organizations work hand in hand in order to protect the citizens of the county and the county as a whole.
All three level of the criminal justice system have many different functions within each level organizations, but they all serve for the same purpose in which is to protect citizens from illegal acts, and to ensure that the United States is free from different attacks.
The levels of the criminal justice system have faced many changes in the past and still more changes to come for the near future. Since the attacks on the United States occurred on September 11, 2001 it damaged the United States in the worse way. There were changes that occurred after this attack, in which affect every level in the criminal justice system. At first the levels of the criminal system were out looking for individuals that commit misdemeanors and felonies, now the main function and role of the local, state, and federal levels is to ensure that the United States is protected from terrorism.
In the near future there will be more effective technology, such as upgraded computer system, radar system, and different technology features that can help pinpoint and suspect. Lastly, all three levels in the near future may become one whole. I say this because in the near future every helping hand and every set of eyes is what the government is going to need. Reasons behind this are; as the world continues to change the crimes in the near future may be worse in what it has been in the