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Policy Implications The Negro male is desperate and searches for answers but finds none. Living in today’s society, you would question the individual’s decision not to seek help from the government if he cannot make something happen on his own. Well, the sad reality is that there simply are not opportunities or resources made available for this individual’s betterment. In fact the system that is in place does not really provide for a viable solution or even marginal solution. If that is the case now, then back in the 1960s, it is understood that there is no agent for help or assistance for the desperate Negro male. Agents represented in this particular study ranged from employers to the government. Employers specifically, drove the personal motivation for the personal decision of whether or not the Negro male worked. The employer dictates the wages that the men are paid and based off of whether the men think the wages are worth the duties that he will be required to perform, he decides if he will accept the job opportunity. Conversely, from the government aspect, the system of unemployment also drives the men’s motivation to work. If the male sees that he gets just as much, if not more, from unemployment as he would from a job opportunity then he will turn down that job opportunity. The flaws in the system need to be addressed so that the Negro male has the opportunity to elevate his social position. One way that this can occur is that these invisible rules that exist…