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Maintaining order and a safe environment within all communities is the responsibility of the Criminal Justice System. Society is reliant upon the Criminal Justice System on ensuring rights are continually protected and safety measures are enforced. Furnishing a safer means for communities allows for a higher level of comfort within as families and households begin to feel safer. Providing a secure means of justice is a vital way of ensuring the aforementioned. Several methods for providing justice are viewed as: limiting the activity of dangerous criminals, maintaining a continual divide between guilty and innocent persons, implementing deterrence methods, and establishing rehabilitation services. The means and efforts in which justice is offered, provided, and maintained within the Criminal Justice System will be thoroughly explored. Analyzing the process will provide an understanding of the concepts of justice while determining the best methods necessary for improving rehabilitation methods.
Oftentimes, offenders are subjected to a life he or she is merely comfortable with. If not shown or provided the tools to rehabilitate, they cannot be expected to easily reintegrate into society. Looking at the policies available that help with rehabilitation for offenders could show room for suggestions. Even though these individuals have committed a crime, the debt to society has been paid. These individuals have to be given an opportunity to start over and make right within his or her life. In order to assist offenders with a clear rehabilitation process, there must be fair and just consequences set forward for all offenders to follow; thus allowing for a smooth transition back into society. While these specific initiatives are clear, they are not always implemented. There is always room for improvement and suggestions will be made to ensure societal expectations are made. Providing fair and just policies will help make society feel safer and create an overall improvement for all involved parties. To look at crime control policies within the criminal justice system and consider making a difference could be considered a dream of many. This is a task that comes with difficulty but with persistence and consistency, this can be accomplished.
Crime prevention measures and the crime control model are both methods used to sustain justice and prevent crime. Both methods provide a plethora of punishments for the various crimes committed by offenders. The nature of the crime determines the punishment to be given. Punishment for a crime committed is a means of crime prevention. While most crimes require punishment, certain punishments do not necessarily fit the crime. Petty drug crimes, in many cases, result in a punishment but not necessarily resulting in incarceration. This is a non-violent crime that should not warrant extensive jail time. Even though this is a non-violent crime, habitual offenders still remain which leads to continual punishment; thus resulting in a difficulty to reintegrate into society. Incarceration is not always an effective means to controlling crime. If offenders are not given a fair shot at rehabilitating, they are more likely to revert to the crime they once knew.
Offenders need to be prepared to constructively re-enter the outside society, that’s why a re-entry program needs to be put in place to rehabilitate the affected ones. In addition to these re-entry programs, counseling should be mandatory for all offenders to gain an idea on the offender’s mentality. Based on the response, the offender can then be placed appropriately whether in therapy, employment, or a half-way house of sorts. To implore solid and accurate rehabilitative services, the policy revision should include resources for research. The ability to determine how individuals will react to which kinds of treatment will determine the effectiveness; and whether the treatment should become permanently implemented.
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