Policy Topics Search And Selection

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Policy Topics Search and Selection
April 7, 2014

I used the Kaiser Family Foundation Health Policy Topic List for my research on health policy. After looking at The Kaiser Family Foundation Policy Topic List, I decided to focus my research on Medicare. In this summary I will quickly define and explain Medicare followed by the stakeholders affected by Medicare System. To start of my research Medicare was established in 1965 and is a social insurance program that provides health and Financial security for individuals ageing 65 years of age and for other that are permanent disabled (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010). After looking at the history of Medicare it has shown that this program has provided seniors with vital health care. In Untied States almost all elderly have Medicare coverage where 47 million people in 2010; 39n millions people ages 65 and older and at least 8 million with permanent disability who are under the age 65 (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010). The Medicare “program helps to pay for many important health care services, including hospitalizations, physician services, and prescription drugs” (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010). Program funding comes from “individuals contribute payroll taxes to Medicare throughout their working lives and generally become eligible for Medicare when they reach age 65, regardless of income or health status” (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010). In March 2010 Medicare was expanded by the health care reform law. This law made provisions that expanded prescription drug and “prevention benefits covered under Medicare and introduces new programs designed to improve the quality and delivery of care to people covered by Medicare” (Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010).
Medicare has come a long way and will continue to be available for the disabled and elderly people. Medicare helps pay for 80%…