Polio an American Story by David M.Ochinsky Essay

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BOOK REVIEW POLIO AN AMERICAN STORY BY DAVID M.OCHINSKY PHAR 6605 Pharmaceutical Industry structure and government regulations

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Polio an American story is a scholarly readable and informative book which covers the lives of many American eminent scientists who struggled a lot to eradicate polio. This book mainly focuses on the mid twentieth century where the people are very eager to find a vaccine to eradicate polio .This book also covers the entire topics from appearance of polio symptoms to post polio syndrome which shows the valuable thesis done by David M. Oshinsky.
Throughout this book he has mined the personal lives of Albert Sabin, Jonas Salk, Thomas
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Not only this he also included development of polio vaccine and different phases of development were clearly written by him.
Nevertheless Oshinsky has written valuable informative book which is carefully researched and very well documented. He has presented history about the researchers in twentieth century campaign to eradicate polio. Finally he devoted this book to the highly efficient researchers for their life saving vaccines.

Genetically modified T cells kills tumors in leukemia patients
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