Political Cartoons Vietnam War Essay

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The cartoon is saying all people will be dead, so of course they will be silent because everyone thinks our soldiers went around killing everyone they saw including women and children, but if they did stay alive they would need that special soap to wash their hands of all of the blood they got on them from killing people. The people being made fun of were the United States’ soldiers. The cartoon’s message was to show that the
U.S. intervened. The hand represents the U.S. is snipping of the tentacles of Ho Chi Minh to stop its seizure of Vietnam through Air Strikes.Also,the drawer of the cartoon is trying to show that the US is doing a great job fighting communism. The audience are the US citizens and the outcome is to have protesters of the Vietnam War to change their mindset about what is happening in Vietnam. The person being made fun of is Ho Chi MInh because the drawer is obviously not a big fan of communism control and by cutting off Ho Chi
Minh’s tentacles,in a sense he’s cutting off his control of the South.

The cartoonist wants to show that the Vietnamese are being held against their will against the conflict between Vietnam and America. The statue of
Liberty, a symbol of freedom,is seen igniting the conflict. This shows that the cartoonist believes that America is at fault for starting the conflict and by doing so, has restricted the lives of innocent Vietnamese and