Political Correctness Examples

Words: 1792
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Political correctness have dramatically changed the expectations of women throughout history. This concept came from a skit in the 1900’s as a joke. It was meant to be absurd and to mock racist, sexist, and offensive situations. The meaning of political correctness is when someone tries to avoid a group of people that say or do anything that offends them. For example, women in society tried to avoid the “women are supposed to stay at home” type of thinking. Back then, women were expected to stay home and take care of the house. They were expected to clean, cook, and take care of the kids. In Pride and Prejudice, the women were expected to marry a wealthy man. It didn’t matter if the man was a dreadful guy, so long as he was wealthy, he was …show more content…
Since 1910, women’s labor has gone up over 50%. It’s insane to comprehend that women were expected to be at home all the time. Imagine having to be home and just clean and cook. Women now do it all; cook, clean, and work! Women are now considered “women of the house”, which is incredible because men used to be referred to as this. Women and society continue to raise the bar as the years go by. The number of firms owned by women is 68%. Because of society’s expectation of women, these numbers have gone up tremendously. Referring to politics, women now hold about 23% of the spots in politics all over the nation. The thought of women being involved with politics (e.g. voting) was insane to even think about in the early 1900’s. There are seven women that work in the federal executive cabinets, three U.S. Supreme court justices, nineteen mayors in the top 100 largest cities, and 443 State Senates (22.5%). These numbers jump every year! If you compare these numbers to the numbers in the 1900’s, it will blow your mind. Society has come a long way when it comes to women and politics. Considering these numbers and statistics, you can now ascertain how society has pushed the women’s role to work, own firms, and to get involved in the community by being in