Political Criticism Of Radio

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Radio is the radiation of electromagnetic energy through space. The biggest use of radio waves is to carry information, such as sound, by systematically changing some property of the radiated waves, such as their amplitude, frequency, phase, or pulse width. When radio waves strike an electrical conductor, the oscillating fields induce an alternating current in the conductor. The information in the waves can be extracted and transformed back into its original form.
Radio systems need a transmitter to change some property of the energy produced to impress a signal on it, for example using amplitude modulation, angle modulation (which can be frequency modulation or phase modulation). Radio systems also need an antenna to convert electric currents
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One reason is a perceived lack of quality and risk in the programming (to which more conservative elements respond that it is too risqué much of the time), an excessively high ratio of advertising to program time (especially on children's television), and a perceived failure to serve the local interest due to media consolidation. Commercial radio (in particular) is criticized for a perceived homogeneity in programming, covert politically motivated censorship of content, and a desire to cut costs at the expense of a station's identifiable personality. Politics is a major force in media criticism, with an ongoing debate (especially in the United States) as to what moral standards – if any – are to be applied to the airwaves.
Introduction to Radio Mirchi
Radio Mirchi is a nationwide network of private FM radio stations in India. It is owned by the Entertainment Network India Ltd (ENIL), which is one of the subsidiaries of The Times Group. Mirchi is a Hindi word which means chilli pepper . The tagline of Radio Mirchi is "It's hot!”.
Radio Mirchi maintains weekly music charts for India. The most followed charts are Mirchi Top 20 (Bollywood Songs) and Angrezi Top 20 (English Songs). Both of these charts are a ranking of recorded music according to popularity. These charts are published on a weekly basis in the Indian English-language daily newspaper, The Times of India, and on Radio Mirchi's official website. Its official website
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However in Kolkata they are not clear leaders in SEC ABC segments. The SEC ABC segments were earlier dominated by Big FM & now by Friends FM. However in the SEC D & E segments Radio Mirchi has total domination.

Radio Mirchi has been the undisputed leader of the Indian Radio Industry since its inception 2001. We have been ranked No.1 in all IRS (Indian Readership Survey) surveys till date in terms of our national reach - the only survey which measures radio listenership across the country.

Not surprisingly, Mirchi has been felicitated with several awards:
1. It was awarded the FICCI - Frames Excellence Award 2010 for the Most Successful Radio Channel of the Year - Radio Mirchi was the ONLY radio station to receive an award from FICCI.
2. Radio Mirchi received 8 awards at the 5th India Radio Forum (IRF). This included 4 awards for our RJs out of a total of 7 RJs who were acknowledged.
3. It was awarded the Most Popular Radio Channel amongst Youth at the 2nd Global Youth Marketing Forum.
4. It also received the CMO Council Brand Leadership Award.

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