political crookedness Essay

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George bay universitys center for media and public affairs did a research study on the statements made by politicians. They looked at all statements on politifact a fact checking organization that analysis the statements made by politicians regardless of race, religion, or party afiliation. They simply looked at which side told more true statements and more false ones. They looked at 100 statements from both side randomly to get a sense of which side is more truthful and which is more deceitful. Before I lay down the facts its important to mention how politifact gauges the lies and truths are told. Politifact will gauge it on a scale, if something is half truth or half false its a neutral statement, followed by mostly false, false and pants on fire (same goes for truths). On claims labeled false or pants on fire (meaning extremely false) republicanPoliticians lied on average 33% of the time compared to 11% on the democrats side. For statements that were mostly false and half truths republicans lied 54% of the time compared to democrats at 22%. And for claims labeled entierly true or mostly true republicans were truthful 11% of the time compared to democrats at 22%. Remember that politifact is a non biased organization and will sometimes try out of there way to appear neutral. Along with there awards as the primary fact checking(mostly politics and political issues) for newspapers, radio, and tv shows for the past 10 years (respectively). It seems that republicans