Political Diary Essay

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Connor Wells
Mr. Lax

1. Explain the difficulties by minor or third parties in the USA
There are many difficulties that the candidates encounter when they are so small and have such a general ‘small effect’ on politics in America. Some of these difficulties come from many different ideas throughout the needs of becoming noticeable in America; for example, many of them cannot even get their name on the ballot, and if they do, they are faced with the difficulties of finding the correct people within the system. Even if they get this far, they are then faced with finding the substantial sums of money which will fund their campaign, unless self-funded (which is rare) it is a constant struggle as media and donors don’t usually want to donate to small cell losers which most probably will not be able to give anything back, however, even if their campaign went well, and they did gain a state, they would still find it very hard to maintain momentum through to other states due to their scarceness across the country.

2. Present the case that America has a two party system
America does hold a two party system which are each made up of coalition like bases which help form one big party. Obviously the parties to not cover most issues and hold mandates for each candidates (that of which are on one of the two parties), however, as they are coalitions of different groups which are strong about different things, this is what enables it to have such broad view on