Political, Economic, Social And Technological Analysis Of The Russian Federation

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Russia ReportIn the following I’m going to present the Political, Economic, Social and Technological analysis of The Russian Federation.


◊ very stable politic
◊ Internal conflicts: Terrorism
◊ free health system
◊ rapidly developing data protection and privacy laws
◊ External conflicts with neighbors and powerful economies, e.g. USA, UK
◊ high level of Corruption
◊ Several laws like import/export laws, competition law, employment and copyright laws, dominance regulations
◊ Strong political presence in Eurasia
◊ Good diplomatic relations with China Economic
◊ restricted freedom of press due to control over civil society through restriction and censure


Russia is rich in natural reserves which makes it to the leading exporter of Oil and Gas, mainly to Europe. It has a stable and growing economic, mainly depending of the export of its natural reserves though. Russia has a very uneven distribution of income which creates a big gap between rich and poor. The disposable income is under the average of OECD, however the living standard is improving which creates more derire for more luxury items, better valued prices and services.
Russia has a large size of GDP which expanded 1,20 percent in 2013.

◊ Rich in natural reserves, leading exporter of Oil and Natural Gas
◊ Stabilized and growing economic condition
◊ Dependent on export of oil and gas
◊ Large size of GDP, expanded 1,20 percent in 2013
◊ Double digit inflation
◊ Uneven distribution of income, big gap between rich and poor, disposable income under average of OECD
◊ Comparatively low levels of FDI
◊ Volatile currency
◊ employment rate at average standard, same as unemployment rate with 5,4 %
◊ Retail market is the most actively developing market in Russia
◊ improve of living standard creates desire for more convenient stores with better prices and services


The Russian population is constantly falling. With a low life expectation, a high rate of abortion and a lifestyle leading more and more to a career focused than family focused lifestyle, the population is decreasing constantly. Russian people are highly educated, with a rate of 40% of people with a College or University degree, Russia is the most educated country in the world. In Russia there is a big gap between poor and rich, which often leads to social unrest due to diversity. The Russian population is very