Political Environment Case Study Essay

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Political Environment Case Study

In today’s economy with cutbacks having to be made from every government organization, none are being targeted more, or hit harder than that of the criminal justice system correctional institutes. Most of these cutbacks are causing prison directors to cut back on programs that they see are helping with recidivism and are also being accepted by staff and citizens alike. It can become a battle between those who think they know what is best and those who see firsthand what is best.
As a prison director for the past two years of ten prisons it is hard to keep a full labor force and professional staff members considering the revenue shortfalls and rural locations of some. Even with financial shortcomings I have been able to assemble an overall fine staff and have also been able to implement a number of policies that provide educational, vocation, and treatment opportunities, which has gained national attention for their effectiveness. For example, under these policies, the recidivism rate has reduced to 30 percent, and the staff and citizens have accepted the new policies. The newly elected governor wants me to put a stop to these operations when he has had no political experience or a full understanding of the criminal justice system. All I have to say to this governor is this: just look at past experiences with not having these new programs and realize how far along our institutions have come along in the past few months due to these programs. These programs help these criminals realize that there is more to life than being a criminal, that they can learn, and that they are capable of earning income through working for it, hence why vocational classes are important. By keeping the inmates busy with productive means keeps peace among them and the staff, because their needs are being met, along with the communities. This helps the community out because once released, the inmate will now have an education and trade to go along with it and be able to give back to their communities; therefore, lowering the recidivism rates. It would do more harm than good to take these out, you cannot just lock somebody away and not work with them and expect them to be released and not end up back in the same position later one. I think if there was to be any negotiating between the governor and I it would be to figure out where else cuts can be made, because these programs have become too valuable with helping to actually treat the criminals as a form of rehabilitation. These programs show that they are receiving a second chance and that there really is more out there for them than what they thought as criminals on the streets. I would consider for those criminals who do not know how to behave or like to mouth off to not be allowed access to such programs, if they knew the only way they could get a hold of a book or create something was to be on good behavior, then it could help keep them in line knowing that is what it takes to be able to…