Political Equality And Detractions For Democracy In The United States

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Mike Vogas
New America
Name: Tiara Baker
Introduction: We as Americans are now at a time where our country is at its weakest point ever. Our economy is a major deficit and simple everyday expenses are becoming unaffordable to manage. We are no longer the number one country for democracy, and America is slowly falling behind other major competitive countries. As an American citizen I encourage, the rest of you to help empower our county by creating a new and improved United States Constitution. The United States Constitution is known for being the oldest Constitution still in effect today. It is true that the Constitution is the cause of our country being the great country it has become, however as we continue to live day to day, we can see that the same Constitution is the cause of many political equality and detractions for democracy within our government.
In 1982, during the presidency of Ronald Ragan, an amendment was passed to the 1965 civil rights voting act by creating majority-minority districts in complaints of numerous minorities were being unrepresented within the United States legislation. This act is supported by the act of redistricting and packing a certain group of people into one single district, changing the meaning of the civil rights voting act, that required it to create the district, in which minorities would be a large part of the electorate not majority. This amendment detracts from democracy and political equality by step on the toes of Jim Crow laws. It’s another form of separate but equal within the communities. Majority-minority districts are a form of discrimination and separation. It is safe to say that women, Native Americans, free African Americans, and slaves were not in mind when the framers of the Constitution was calling for a new and different kind of political society, however this is a new era of time and what was once great is causing detraction for democracy