Political Framework Essay

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Political Framework
A leader who adapts a Political Framework understands the political reality of organizations and is able to deal with it. (Bolden & Deal, 2008) He/she understands the importance of interest groups. This type of leader has knowledge of conflict and limited resources. Also, this leader recognizes continuities while developing links to his leaderships.
A few specific steps one can follow to use a political framework concept is to clarify what one want and what one can get; evaluate the distribution of power and interests, build relationships to other stakeholders, use persuasion before using negotiation and coercion only if necessary. A leader with an effective political framework will be an advocate, whose leadership style is coalition and edifying; whereas an ineffective leader will be a hustler with a manipulating leadership style.
To resume, a leader who embraces political framework is facilitates change, by focusing on the political realities that exist within and outside organizations. This approach can be utilized when resources are limited as well as when goals are in conflict.

Structural Framework

According to Bolman and Deal (2008) Structural Framework is an approach used by leaders who make changes by focusing on structural elements within the organization as well as strategy, implementation, and adaptation. Changing institutional structures works well when goals are clear, cause-and-effect relationships are well understood, and when there is little conflict or uncertainty. For instance structural framework can be advantageous, when setting company policies, defining organizational goals and/or implementing effective business strategies.
Some steps a leader can follow to benefit from the concepts of Structural Frame are: identify goals, consider the scope of projects and assign tasks accordingly, organize his/her workforce in order to promote teamwork, encourage staff’s development by promoting training,