Essay on Political Identity

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October 25, 2013
Federal Government
Political Socialization/Identification

When it comes to politics and political parties I usually keep my opinions of situations. Also when dealing with politics I usually never tell others what I consider my political identification to be for several different reason. In my paper I will be discussing fours different things to support the reason why I choose the political identity I am. First I will talk about my point of view between the democrats, republicans and independent parties. Next, I will state the partie I would consider myself and why the other parties I didn’t choose didn’t appeal to me.

When describing the democrats and republican parties I have learned they both parties have major differences when comparing them. The main difference I have learned is the Democrats are for low income families and Republicans are for rich families. Democrats from my personal experience will say that Republicans don't care about anyone but themselves and those who have a high income as them. Also Democrats thinks Republicans should share more of their wealth with society. When it comes to Republicans, learning over the years I have notice they don’t like changes and likes to keep things the same. They also prefer to only surround themselves around people who believes the same things as them and have the same income as them. But both parties I think are wrong and is only supported because they support by the political parties that the citizen believes will best serve their individual needs. With stating what I think of the two parties and showing how they are selfish I believe I stand as an independent partie citizen.
I have chosen the position I stand in the political area of my life, as what most people consider an independent 3rd party. I have selected this as my political party because I feel like both parties portray different things to me that I don’t agree with. Therefore, I made the agreement with