Political Ideology Paper

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McNeal, Amber
Political Ideology Paper Many people have different opinions on political subjects. The ways a person may feel about these subjects determine what they are in the political world. I personally do not follow politics like other people older than me do, but I do consider myself to be a moderate democrat. Both of my parents are democrats, and they choose to be of this political spectrum because they feel like the Democratic Party represents them. They feel as they stand for policies that will better them as people. With me, I am my own person so I take in the considerations of my parents’ choice, but also make my own decisions. I do believe in some of the policies and ideas of the Democratic Party, but disagree on
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In the case of abortion, her risk is lowest if she seeks care in the early weeks of pregnancy. By placing roadblocks in teenagers' paths, restrictive laws have the effect of creating further delays among women who already have difficulty seeking prompt care. When teens know that health care providers are forced by law to tell their parents before providing services, they are less willing to get health care related to sexual activity. These concerns are very good, but they do not excuse the fact that innocent children are being killed because the mothers’ do not want them, do not want to lose their figure, or do not feel equipped to handle the responsibility of being a mother. If a person did not want to or do not think they could handle motherhood then the best concept would be to practice abstinence and or use protection. Laws restricting teen access to abortion are coercive. Laws in 46 states and the District of Columbia allow mothers who are under 18 to place their children for adoption without involving their parents, but many of those same states require parental notification or consent before these young women can obtain abortions. This sets up a standard that clearly favors one resolution over another, restricts the reproductive choices of young women, and forces some to bear children that they do not want to bear. These laws lean near the anti-abortion side because