Political ideoloogy Essay

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Political Ideology Analysis

Prior to taking the political ideology tests I predicted myself to be more on the conservative side of the political spectrum. After reading the text in chapter 1 (1.6), the reason why I associated myself with this political ideology was based off many similar beliefs and ideas that “less government is a better government,” specifically that government should be limited when regulating the economy. Self reliance in political affairs and a belief in strong traditional and religious values have predicted my ideology on the political spectrum. After completing the three political assessments, the first quiz (The Worlds Smallest Political Quiz) by, Advocates for Self Government showed me to be related to the conservative political group. My results were broken down into two specific categories; personal issues score which was scored at 0% and an economics score which was scored at 50%. I was placed right on the 50 mark in between big government and conservative that indicated economic issues. The Political Compass test also was ranked with the same two categories economic and social. I scored a 1.75 to the right of the graph and 3.23 on the authoritarian side of the graph. On the final quiz by Politopia I was placed at the northeast region of the map and described as having a strong belief in economic freedom and government control over personal affairs. Following up on the results of all three assessments I can agree that my prediction was seemingly accurate. I predicted myself to be more on the right side of the political charts, which in all three quizzes I was placed on the right (conservative side). I wasn’t surprised by my results. When I answered the assessment questions I agreed with statements that limited government in economic issues, believed in religious values, and traditional values which all pertain to the group of conservatives. I feel that I have held some of my political beliefs since a young boy and have developed more political beliefs throughout some of my own life experiences. I was raised with traditional values and religious values that influence my reflection on ethical issues. This having formed the beginning of my conservative political ideology I think that my beliefs have always stayed constant. I wouldn’t necessarily say that they have changed but have evolved. For example, now that I’m older and more educated on the subject I believe in a free market economy so we as individuals can pursue and obtain our own economic goals and desires. Growing up in a very structured family that believed in strong traditional values, religious values, a self-reliant attitude was the first influence in my process of political socialization. College has been another influence, getting a better understanding of how government works and can affect our everyday life. I think recently since I’ve been in college and learned more about how government plays a role in our everyday life I can pin point certain aspects of government that I can agree or disagree with that help to influence my take on political ideology. Although recently college has provided me with a better idea of government I think that my family’s beliefs, attitudes, and values have had the biggest impact on my political socialization. Since taking these quizzes I feel