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Nick Carter
Mr. Gibbons
US Government
Period 7
Personal Political Viewpoint
My personal political viewpoint is based on the government helping people and being involved in the lives of Americans. In today’s political spectrum this is considered a liberal viewpoint. I personally think my political views are a combination of the Democrat, Green and Libertarian Parties. The government should intervene in people’s lives for the good of the population as a whole even if it makes life tougher for those who benefit from a distant, uninvolved government (the wealthy and famous). Taxes should be based on income and those who are so impoverished that they are struggling to pay their bills and feed their families should be exempt from taxes. However, these individuals should have to prove that they aren’t using their income or welfare for drugs, alcohol or other substances that take their income away from their family. Also in today’s economic struggle, the government should legalize “soft” drugs (marijuana, shrooms, ecstasy etc.) and tax them heavily in order to provide a steady flow of income to help reduce the deficit that we have accumulated. This left of center viewpoint of various issues is what defines my political viewpoint as liberal. I would also like to express my viewpoint on several other topics of political controversy currently existing in our country. Abortion is the source of much debate regarding moral and political viewpoints at the same time. Personally, I think that abortion should be legalized and paid for by health insurance. Also, if a woman wants to buy contraceptives or birth control health insurance should cover that too. Abortions should also be kept private from job applications and such so that a woman will not be judged because of a personal decision she has made. Another issue that I would like to express my thoughts on would be illegal immigration. The U.S. government should help Border States such as Arizona, New Mexico and California enforce their borders and keep