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Brianna Bass
Ms. Roberts AP Government
27 August 2014A Portrait of Me
I’m a centrist, however I lean more towards the liberal side. Based on my age, I am considered to more liberal than conservative. The young voters ages 18-29 are less likely to vote because they simply do not have the money nor the time to vote; although with me being seventeen and a few more months away from eighteen, I would probably vote. I believe we as the young voters tend to not vote because we are not on a level of concern for all the politics, we just want freedom to do as we please and privacy. We aren’t really concerned on who is going to reduce pollution in the area and lower taxes at the moment. Based on my gender, race and wealth, to society I would be considered a liberal. I might also be more of a liberal because I’m openly gay and see no problem with expressing myself as an individual. My generation of youth tends to openly express themselves in whichever matter they please.
After taking three quizzes, I wasn’t surprised that it said I am a centrist, because I had already viewed myself as such. Taking this into consideration, the quizzes were on my political ideology was accurate. I typically favor government intervention and sometimes support individual freedom of choice. I’m prochoice to certain extents, such as if a woman and woman or man and a man fall in love with each other and would like to be together then I say let them be, however when it comes to abortion, I believe that unless the pregnancy can terminate the woman’s life or if she was raped or any other unfortunate events were to occur, abortion may be necessary. Another hot button topic that I hold a strong opinion on is healthcare. I do believe that everyone deserves to have healthcare no matter what state you’re in financially, nonetheless I do not believe in the government giving people money, food stamps, etc. because of their infortunes. My opinion on the subject, is that people should earn what they receive; it shouldn’t be given to them just because they don’t want to