A Brief Note On Political Socialization

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Political Socialization
I never thought my life was influenced by the government but by truly thinking about it, it has affected my life and the decisions that I have made. It influenced me to be a better person. My parents, teacher, and my job made me reflect that the government isn’t much different than how I live now witch is a form of political socialism. Political socialism is a concept concerning the study of the developmental by witch children of all ages and adolescents acquire political cognition, attitude, and behaviors. Government gives structure to everyday life.

I never had a chance to choose my own beliefs growing up. My parents made me Catholic ever since I can remember. They forced me to go to church, made me go to sleep early and wasn’t allowed to play outside between certain hours to keep me safe. I always had to dress and behave properly. This has taught me that the government is very strict to keep things in order. Every time I did something bad my parents use to ground me by taking my phone away or didn’t allow me to go outside. The government keeps us save by having a curfew, you can’t be outside for certain hours. If you break the law the government can put you in jail or can fine you.

I work at in-n-out at the moment. The basis of that job is to be on time, wear a uniform and be respectful. I have to follow their rules and cooperate with other associates that work with me. In order to work for this company you have to have the same morals as everyone else. When applying for this job they give you a background check to see if you aren’t a criminal. The government also does a moral test and a background test in order to work for them. The company helps me out to higher my education by letting me work around my school schedule and allows me to be on time. The government helps students as well by giving student financial help such as financial aid or loans to pay off school.

Teachers are the most important role to higher education. Teachers have the skills to impose knowledge to other students like myself. The government sponsors environmental safety, regulates the curriculum, and the teachers can regulate what they want the student to learn. For example in high school I had an army class called ROTC that forced me to say the Pledge of allegiance but now in public schools