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United States relations with the Muslim world offer a significant impact on our daily lives. The Muslim world offers a gateway to certain valuable recourses, the most common and famous being petroleum. With that being said, it isn’t hard to realize that we depend on petroleum to make a wide range of utilities like plastic, ink, rubber, electronics, and some medical remedies like aspirin. To maintain the comfortable consumer driven lifestyle that we currently do, the U.S. must work diligently to keep the Muslim world pleased enough to keep reasonable business relations with each other. It’s needless to say that the U.S. must not ruin its relation with the Muslim world both from a business point of view, as wells as an outside point of view. It is no secret that in recent years, the Muslim world and the U.S. haven’t always seen eye to eye. With the media playing a huge role in how one gets portrayed on the others home ground, it is ultimately up to the media how the opposing side is seen by the public. A major problem with the U.S. is the mass majority of the public being uneducated. With little to no information on the history between the U.S. and the Muslim world, the public give nearly no chance to the Muslim world to give their side of the history or on current controversial topics. Further, with certain bias media providers like FOX, the uneducated public of the U.S. have been fed misleading and incorrect information causing major problems such as racism and hatred. To help and solve all these issues will take a great amount of time as well as an open mind from both sides so that there can finally be peace and tranquility. The U.S. must engage with the Muslim world to find new terms of agreement that’ll better the overall outlook for the greater good of each side. This will also consist the action of solving conflict within the Muslim world with both political and personal terms. The U.S. must show effort in supporting Muslim law and improving communication within Muslim miscommunication. The U.S. must understand that Muslim law overpowers government law as Muslims fallow their religion with more passion than politics. They should look into different, new and traditional methods to get across to the Muslim people. Increase Muslim engagement in politics with the right Muslim activists that understands what Muslims really want. It would also be in the best interest of the U.S. to help industrialize the Muslim world. The use of diplomacy to reinforce changes in policies and actions would drastically help the overall way the U.S. is seen by the Muslim communities. The use of the media should not