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Scene of Ovcharovo

Student’s Name: Zihua Song (Michael)
Student’s ID: 100915972
School: George Brown College
Course: GSSC 1042 – Mythology and life as we know it
Professor’s name: Konstantin Boshnakov
Date: January 25, 2015

For the first scene, obviously they are all made by clan and painted in brown. Then there are many chairs and tables that contain food on top of them. There are three tables set beside each other and chairs right behind these tables being occupied by three womanly person, and the woman and bowls have several distinctive patterns covering them indeed.
The pattern of the objects appear as two lines inside a circle. From looking at this piece of art, I get the feeling that the elements with a pattern on them are very important compared to those painted in brown. The patterns were made to make the woman and objects stand out from their surroundings (table, chairs). I believe that the all five empty chairs in front of the three women are meant for people that are inferior to them and obey to their orders.
With the women being in the centre of the art piece, I see they are very important and has a higher superiority at least; the fact that these three womanly figures have food in front of them and the chairs facing them doesn’t show the importance of these three goddesses. I believe that these three women are priestesses because this picture shows them getting very special treatment. As an observation, I notice that the woman figure in the middle has two plates of food while the one on her left and right only have one plate of food. This shows that she is the most important person in the room and that she has the power over everyone. Plus, her background (rectangular clay) appears to be larger in size compared to the ones to its side. Therefore, I have come to a conclusion that she is the one that takes charge as a patriarch or high priestess and the person whom everyone bows down to.
With their backgrounds, it has the sun in the middle, the wind/cloud on the left side and the moon on the right side. According to the art scene, three symbols respectively represent sun, moon, and elements of nature. The left symbol represents the elements of nature because two different forms appear on the front and the back of the clay