Political Values And Political Attitude

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Political Values and Political Attitude As a quiz result of the website theadvocates.org, I prefer a middle ground regarding government control of the economy and personal behavior. Depending on the issue, I sometimes favor government intervention and sometimes support individual freedom of choice. I keep an openness mind, and emphasize the practical solutions to problems. These are the major reasons why I select to be conservative, across with contemporary liberal because I prefer self –restraint, patient, and order as my primary values. According to the Longman dictionary, self-restraint is the ability to stop myself doing or saying something, even though I want to, because it is more sensible not to do or say it. I think the majority of US civilians are self-esteem, they respect other as themselves. Thus, on the gun issue, I think government should not ban all gun ownership by civilians, especially handguns and assault rifles, but rather to regular the law of gun ownership. Being patient is one of the great Christianity’s attitudes. It marks with the letters “In God We Trust” on the US bill, I assume that US is a Christian religion country. I think it can introduce more religion in schools, and also allow faith-based government initiatives. Thus the next generation can realize their individual value, and enhance their ability for dealing with the globalization. On the world peace issue, I think government need to negotiate first and only take military action if sanctioned by the U.N. and other world organizations. In personal, I think liberty and order cannot be segregated. I am upbeat about the country's ability to solve problems and an individual's ability to get ahead through hard work. I consent with the government to use more socialistic policies and regulate properly on the free market and environmental protection. On the immigrants’ issue, I think